Give the Gift of Water

Give the Gift of Water

From 25 Jul, 2018 to 14 May, 2019


Through partnerships with our local NGO In Bangladesh and Cambodia, we are able to build Water Pumps to aid the families in rural areas of Bangladesh or Cambodia.

It takes about 10 days from order comnfirmation to build the pumps and they are economically priced at $295 per pump.

The pump comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and due to the manual pumping action, they is no electricity needed and parts are easily accessible.


How to Order :

Step 1 : 

Upon confirmation of order, an artwork is designed for the banner on pump. Donor will confirm the name and details for the pump.

Ordered By :
Name(s) on Pump : max 4 names
Mobile : 
Email : 

Step 2 :

Payment for the said Pump via the various modes of payment.

Step 3 :

After about 10-14 days, pictures of the pump and videos will be sent to Donors via Whatsapp.

Step 4 :

Certificate issued to Donor showing details of pump, a picture and location of pump (name of village / area)

Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring some joy to our less fortunate siblings around the world.

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