Free Food Fridays

Free Food Fridays

From 24 Aug, 2018 to 30 Nov, 2018


Free Food Fridays is a campaign to provide warm nutritious meals to about 250 vulnerable refugees that are elderlies, widows and orphaned children.

A typical meal will consist of White rice,Vegetables, a Chicken or Fish dish, a Fruit and a Drink.

Our Aim is to do this for Lunch every Friday

Each meal is priced at $2.20 and we hope to raise $2,200 per month to cover the cost of meals, logistics, distribution and stipends for our staff on the ground.

Under normal conditions, the refugees will not be able to enjoy such meals and we hope that at least once a week, on blessed Fridays, we can provide them a decent, nutritious meal.

Every $22.00 ( inc paypal n admin charges) donated will be used to pay for 10 meals.

Campaign will start on Friday the 31st August 2018 and will be on a trial basis for 3 months.

Thank you for your kind support to ease the affairs of those affected in the Rohingya Crisis.

For those interested in donating excess of 100 meals, please whatsapp Mr Nizar 96567280/Mdm Diana 87423804 or email to

Warm Regards
Nizar Mohd Shariff


Payment can be made:

Via PayPal Online


Via Bank Transfer to:

FREE FOOD FOR ALL LTD OCBC Current Acct 689 398 691 001

For other enquiries, please drop a whatsapp to Mr Nizar @ 96567280

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