Gaza Food Aid Hampers

From 09 Feb, 2019 to 30 Dec, 2019


Peace and Blessings to All

GAZA, we care

The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated places on earth, with a total area of 365 km2, a population of over 2 million and a population growth of 3.37%. 

Since 2007 and following the blockade imposed by Israel, the situation in the Strip has been one of chronic need, de-development and donor dependency, despite a temporary relaxation on restrictions in movement of people and goods since 2010. 

Despite the fact that youth represent the highest percentage of Gaza Strip’s population, the rates of poverty and unemployment are continuously increasing. 

Poverty rate has increased to 60 %; 30 % of these suffer from extreme poverty.

Unemployment has increased dramatically since mid-2014, to 45 per cent in Q2 2017; almost 70 per cent of the youth aged 20-24 were unemployed.

We are working with local partners on the ground who will prepare food hampers and distribute it to the less fortunate.

Each hamper will serve a family of 6-10 people for about 2 weeks.

It consists of :

Rice x 5kg

Cooking Oil x 3 Litres

Sugar x 6kg

Tea x 0.5 kg

Pasta x 1kg

Lima Bean x 1 kg

Orange Lentils x 1 kg

Brown Lentils x 1 kg

Tomato Paste x 1 can

Vermicelli x 1 kg

White Cheese x 0.5 kg

Corned Beef x 1 can

Milk Powder x 0.5 kg

Each hamper costs $55.00 and the funds will go towards purchasing the items along with delivery and other admin and logistical costs.

May the Almighty accept our deeds and ease the affairs of those affected in Gaza.


Payment can be made via:

1. Bank Transfer to OCBC Current Account 695 215 376 001. Please send screenshot/picture of receipt to

2. PayPal Online Payment

3. PayNow to UEN 201333149C. Please screenshot payment details and send to

4. Cash Collection - Do drop us an email at 

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GAZA, We Care

$60/Food Aid Hamper

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31 Jul 2019
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