Ghana Water Project

Ghana Water Project

From 26 Feb, 2019 to 31 May, 2019


Peace and Blessings to All

We are embarking on a Communal Water Project to aid the villagers in the Norther Territory of Ghana.

The Groundwater is obtained deep in the ground and is pumped up to the surface. 

Serves 200-300 villagers daily

Lifespan of 30 years (maintenance by the community)

Water is Fresh and Clean

The villagers currently have to walk 3-4 km a few times daily to obtain their only source of water which is muddy and dirty and shared with the animals. 

With the Borehole pump, clean fresh water is accessible closer to them and the villagers will use it to drink, clean, take ablution, do their prayers ad even read the Quran.

Water is indeed the best gift for the villagers. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told us about the virtues of giving water to people. In one hadith, giving water has been mentioned as the best sadaqa(act of charity).He encouraged digging of wells and giving water for the benefit of people.

As the costs to do up the borehole is relatively high, we are proposing to do a communal fund of $250 per share. Once we have 50 shares, it will be enough to complete 1 borehole.

Once the borehole is complete, we will receive the report from our local partners in Ghana

We will also issue a certificate to all donors on a per share basis. The certificate will detail the location of the pump and the completion date.

For any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact Nizar at OR Whatsapp to +65 96567280

May the Almighty accept our efforts to aid the less fortunate, regardless their race or religion, or their domicile.

Warm Regards
Nizar Mohd Shariff


Payment can be made via:

1) PayPal Online Payment

2) Bank Transfer to Free Food For All OCBC Current Account 689 398 691 001

3) Cheque is to be made payable to " FREE FOOD FOR ALL LTD"

4) Paynow to UEN 201503391Z

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