Ramadan RTE Meals 2019

Ramadan RTE Meals 2019

From 08 May, 2019 to 04 Jun, 2019


Peace and Blessings to All

God Willing, in the month of Ramadan, we will be doing a Project Called " Ramadan RTE Meals 2019"

We will home deliver a carton of Ready to Eat Meals which are in ambient temperature. This is meant to supplement the monthly food requirement of 1 person. 

We are aiming to cater for the following beneficiaries :


1. Low Income staying in Rental Units

2. Elderly

3. Non Ambulant / Long Term Care

4. Zero or Minimum Family Support

Each Carton will consist of 36 pouches + Pack of Dates. Here are the proposed Menu

Seafood Fried Rice x 6

Boneless Fish Briyani x 6

Vegetarian Porridge x 6

Buttermilk Prawns x 3

Basmati Rice with Lentils x 6

Dessert Cheng Tng x 3

Dessert Pulot Hitam x 3

Dessert Green Bean Soup x 3

Pack of Dates x 1 

Why the Premium Meals?

Because we should give to others what we want for ourselves. They have to be more then just practical and healthy, they have to be palatable. All pouches has a shelf life of 1 year however they are designed for an average 18 months storage at ambient temperature.

Why RTE?

During Ramadan, most providers are keen on delivering cooked meals for Iftar. It will have a 4 hour shelf life and needs to be consumed immediately. Food wastage is rather high. Delivery of Groceries means items needs to be cooked and not many of the elderlies has the capacity to do so.

Advantages of RTE

- High Shelf Life

- Can Eat anytime they wish. If they dont consume during Ramadan, they can consume in future months.

-  Option to eat for Iftar or Sahoor ( pre dawn meal)

- Savings on transport as we only need to send it to them once. Further savings on fuel and reduction of carbon footprint.

- Relatively economical as each pouch works out to be about SGD $ 3.50. 

- No Refrigeration Needed. If Microwave is not available, then RTE can be heated over pan.

- Low lead time. Meals ready in under 2 minutes.

- Single Serve Portions suitable for large eaters. For small eaters, portions can be rationed to their appetite level and balance can be kept in fridge.

- ZERO or minimal Food Waste

Each carton is priced at $128 and this includes cost of delivery to our registered beneficiaries.

For every carton donated, the name of the donor will be placed on the carton and we will endeavour to take a picture.

Fidyah funds can be used for this campaign.

For any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at or whatsapp Nizar at 96567280

Thank you for your kind support.

Warm Regards
Nizar Mohd Shariff
mobile : 96567280

Free Food for All Ltd
UEN NO : 201503391Z

Facebook : freefoodsg

Youtube :



Payment can be made via:

1) Bank Transfer To Free Food For All OCBC Current Acct 689 398 691 001

2) PayNow to UEN 201503391Z

3) Cheque to be mada payable to "FREE FOOD FOR ALL LTD"

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