Pouched Mutton

Pouched Mutton

From 11 Jun, 2019 to 08 Aug, 2019


Pouched Mutton - $ 250 per sheep

For a sum of $ 250 (inclusive of admin charges), the sheep will be slaughtered in Australia during Eid. The meat will be deboned, cooked into a highly nutritious gravy and packed into retort pouches. Each sheep can produce about 20-22 pouches of 500 grams each. The pouches need no refrigeration and have a shelf life of 2 years and each sheep will serve about 80-90 persons


Payment can be made via:

1. Bank Transfer to OCBC Current Account 695 215 376 001. Please send screenshot/ picture of receipt to

2. PayPal Online Payment

3. PayNow to UEN 201333149C. Please screenshot payment details and send a copy to

4. Cash Collection -  Do drop us an email at 

Warm Regards,

Nizar B S

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