Pouched Beef

Pouched Beef

From 11 Jun, 2019 to 08 Aug, 2019


Pouched Beef - $ 125 per share (1/7 cow)

For a sum of $125 per share (1/7) cow,  the cow will be slaughtered in India during Eid. The frozen carcass meat will be deboned and shipped to our manufacturing plant. There the meat will be cooked into a highly nutritious gravy and packed into retort pouches. Each cow share can produce about 25 pouches of 500 grams each OR  50 pouches of 250 grams . The pouches need no refrigeration and have a shelf life of 2 years and will each cow share will serve the needs of about 100 persons.

This package is catered for those who do not want the meat but want to donate it fully to the less fortunate. This option allows us to have the liberty of providing sustainable Qurban meat to our less fortunate beneficiaries, all year round. The price includes costs of cooking, packing and shipping to our nominated area.


Payment can be made via:

1. Bank Transfer to OCBC Current Account 695 215 376 001. Please send screenshot/ picture of receipt to

2. PayPal Online Payment

3. PayNow to UEN 201333149C. Please screenshot payment details and send a copy to

4. Cash Collection -  Do drop us an email at 

Warm Regards,

Nizar B S

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